Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to pay to list my profile?

NO. You do not have to pay for the opportunity of being found. Listing your profile is completely free!

Who can see my profile?

All registered companies will see that you have listed your profile. However, only companies and recruitment agencies who pay a monthly subscription fee can view it in detail (salary info, etc.) and make an informed decision on whether they want you as one of their employees. So yes, if your employer registers as a company, they would be able to see your profile if you made it visible to companies and recruiters.

Will my profile visibility really be hidden after 30days?

After 30 days, all of your profile information will be hidden. You'll receive an email notifying you and the option to relist again if that perfect job offer hasn't arrived yet!

Can I relist my profile after it was made invisible?

Yes, you can click on the link in your notification email or log in whenever to relist yourself as a candidate. Your profile will activate again and potential employers can see what's on offer.

Who can message me?

Only paying users (companies and recruiters) can message you through our central mailbox. We will then forward their messages and allow for the option of getting in touch with them directly or declining offers by replying back to us with "No thanks".

Are my contact details safe?

Security is built-in from the beginning. Our platform includes innovative technologies and techniques designed to minimise the risk of a security breach. Powerful security features help prevent anyone except you from being able to access your contact information. We are constantly working on new ways to keep your personal information safe.